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DriveSync™ 360: Rotatable & Retractable Clip-On Car Phone Holder for Safe Navigation

DriveSync™ 360: Rotatable & Retractable Clip-On Car Phone Holder for Safe Navigation

Travel safely and smoothly while utilizing your phone or GPS. It provides the flexibility to move in any direction.

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360-Degree Rotation

DriveSync™ 360 gives you the power to adjust your phone's position! Its 360-degree rotation feature lets you find the best viewing angle for your navigation app or GPS.

Retractable Design

DriveSync™ 360 features a retractable design for a sleek car interior and convenient phone access.

Firm Grasp

Drive with confidence using DriveSync™ 360's sturdy clip-on mechanism for secure phone placement on bumpy roads.

Simple Setup

No more fuss with setting up. Pop DriveSync™ 360 on your car's rearview mirror effortlessly using its simple and secure mounting system.

Complete Range of Motion

Full Mobility Unleashed

Customize your viewing experience with DriveSync 360's 360-degree rotation adjustment feature. The adjustable arm length, ranging from 0 to 5cm, coupled with the ability to rotate the angle, guarantees optimal visibility without obstructing your view. Whether you're navigating or streaming content, DriveSync 360 keeps your device conveniently positioned.

Universal Compatibility

Seamlessly Sync With Every Smartphone Type

Experience the DriveSync 360's ability to effortlessly integrate with any mobile phone and seamlessly fit into every car model. Uncover the unparalleled ease of use of DriveSync 360 as it effortlessly connects with any smartphone and seamlessly adapts to any vehicle make and model.

Seamless Functioning

Revolutionary Design Supports Seamless One-Handed Placement

You can easily access your phone while driving with DriveSync 360. Its innovative design enables one-handed placement and retrieval of your device, ensuring minimal distraction on the road. The secure four-claw mechanism keeps your phone in place, regardless of road conditions.


What is DriveSync 360?

DriveSync 360 is a universal clip-on car phone holder designed to provide a safe and secure mounting solution for your smartphone while driving. With its 360-degree rotation and adjustable clip, it offers convenience and flexibility for hands-free navigation and communication on the road.

How does DriveSync 360 work?

DriveSync 360 attaches securely to your rearview mirror using a sturdy clip mechanism. Simply clip it onto the rearview mirror, adjust the angle and orientation as needed, and insert your smartphone into the holder. The adjustable clip ensures a snug and secure fit, keeping your phone in place even on bumpy roads.

What types of smartphones are compatible with DriveSync 360?

DriveSync 360 is compatible with most smartphones, including iPhones, Android devices, and other mobile devices with screen sizes ranging from 4 to 7 inches. Its adjustable clip design accommodates various phone sizes and thicknesses, ensuring a universal fit.

Can DriveSync 360 be adjusted for optimal viewing angles?

Yes, DriveSync 360 features a 360-degree rotating ball joint that allows for flexible adjustment of viewing angles. You can easily rotate the holder to landscape or portrait mode and tilt it up or down to achieve the perfect viewing position for navigation, calls, or media playback.

Will DriveSync 360 hold my phone securely in place?

Absolutely! DriveSync 360 is equipped with a sturdy clip and adjustable arms that grip your phone securely, preventing it from slipping or falling while driving. The soft silicone padding on the clip and arms also protects your phone from scratches and damage.

Is DriveSync 360 legal to use while driving?

Yes, DriveSync 360 provides a safe and convenient hands-free solution for using your smartphone while driving, helping you stay focused on the road ahead. However, it's essential to familiarize yourself with local laws and regulations regarding the use of mobile devices while driving to ensure compliance.