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OctoGrip: Octopus-Inspired Thumb Splint for Tenosynovitis and Arthritis

OctoGrip: Octopus-Inspired Thumb Splint for Tenosynovitis and Arthritis

Designed to provide relief for tenosynovitis and arthritis, improving comfort and mobility.

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Cognitive Boost

Provides Customized Comfort with Ergonomic Design

Whether you have tenosynovitis or arthritis, OctoGrip is here to help. Our splint is designed with an ergonomic shape and adjustable straps to provide a snug and comfortable fit, delivering relief exactly where you need it most.

Superior Materials

Delivers Ultimate Comfort For Prolonged Wear

OctoGrip guarantees optimal comfort for extended wear, thanks to its use of high-quality, breathable materials. Say farewell to uncomfortable splints and welcome a breathable solution that can be worn throughout the day with ease.

Tailored Fit Options

Personalize This Thumb Splint To Suit Your Individual Hand Shape & Size

OctoGrip understands that each person is unique. Utilizing adjustable straps, this thumb splint can be customized to accommodate your specific hand shape and size, providing a secure and comfortable fit that won't slip or cause any irritation.


What is OctoGrip Thumb Splint?

OctoGrip Thumb Splint is a specialized orthopedic device designed to provide support and relief for individuals suffering from tenosynovitis and arthritis in the thumb joint.

How does OctoGrip Thumb Splint function?

OctoGrip Thumb Splint is engineered to immobilize and stabilize the thumb joint, reducing inflammation and pain associated with tenosynovitis and arthritis, while allowing for comfortable movement of the remaining fingers.

What sets OctoGrip Thumb Splint apart from other thumb splints on the market?

OctoGrip Thumb Splint distinguishes itself through its innovative design inspired by the suction cups of an octopus, which provides optimal support and comfort while minimizing discomfort and restriction.

Who can benefit from using OctoGrip Thumb Splint?

OctoGrip Thumb Splint is ideal for individuals experiencing discomfort and limited mobility due to tenosynovitis and arthritis in the thumb joint, providing targeted relief and support for improved functionality.

How should OctoGrip Thumb Splint be maintained?

To ensure optimal hygiene and longevity, OctoGrip Thumb Splint should be cleaned regularly with a mild detergent and water, followed by air drying. Avoid exposure to excessive heat or direct sunlight.