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RideDry™: Waterproof Scooter Front Bag for Urban Adventures

RideDry™: Waterproof Scooter Front Bag for Urban Adventures

Your urban escapade's reliable companion! Our waterproof scooter front bag keeps your must-haves safe and dry, come rain or shine. Cruise through the city with certainty.

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Designed to Withstand Any Weather Challenges

Water-Resistant Design

Stay protected from unpredictable rain or splashes with the RideDry bag. Its state-of-the-art waterproof design guarantees that your belongings remain moisture-free, regardless of how intense the downpour is.

Large Capacity

Offers Ample Space

Despite its compact profile, RideDry boasts a generous capacity, accommodating all your urban essentials, from gadgets to snacks, without sacrificing space or style. Experience unparalleled convenience with RideDry's cleverly designed compartments, ensuring all your urban essentials are within easy reach.

Hard Shell Design

Superior Anti-Pressure Performance

Engineered with a durable hard shell design, RideDry offers exceptional anti-pressure performance, safeguarding your belongings from impacts and ensuring they remain intact throughout your journey.

Trim Magic Stick

Ensuring Secure Fit For Different Setups

With its innovative Trim Magic Stick, RideDry adapts effortlessly to different scooter models, ensuring a snug and secure fit for various setups. Experience versatility without compromise. RideDry's Trim Magic Stick offers a seamless transition between different scooter setups, guaranteeing a tailored and secure attachment every time.


What is the RideDry™?

The RideDry™ is a waterproof scooter front bag designed for urban adventurers who need reliable storage for their essentials. It offers a secure and waterproof solution for carrying your belongings while riding your scooter through the city streets.

How does the RideDry™ keep my belongings dry?

The RideDry™ features a waterproof construction made from durable materials that repel water and keep your belongings dry even in rainy conditions. Its sealed seams and waterproof zipper ensure that water stays out, providing peace of mind during your urban adventures.

Is the RideDry™ compatible with all scooter models?

While the RideDry™ is designed to fit most scooter models, we recommend checking the dimensions of your scooter's front area to ensure a proper fit. Its adjustable straps and universal mounting system make it easy to install on a wide range of scooters.

Can I use the RideDry™ in other outdoor activities besides scooter riding?

Absolutely! While the RideDry™ is specifically designed for scooter riding, its versatile design and waterproof construction make it suitable for various outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking, camping, and more. It's the perfect companion for any adventure.

Is the RideDry™ easy to install and remove?

Yes, indeed! The RideDry™ features a simple and intuitive installation process that requires no tools or special skills. Its adjustable straps allow for easy attachment to your scooter's front area, and its quick-release buckles make it effortless to remove when not in use.