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Coolify™ 6-Inch USB Table Fan: Spritz, Speed, & Shine

Coolify™ 6-Inch USB Table Fan: Spritz, Speed, & Shine

Never yields to the scorching summer heat. Experience the continual cool breeze in hot weather.

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Breezy Mist to Keep Your Skin Moisturized!

Keep cool with the zany spritz magic of Coolify™. Fill the water tank, then tap the button for a mist that cools and livens up your spot. Say hi to immediate comfort on the hottest of days.

Personalized Speed Options

Get your chill on with Coolify™'s speed settings. Whether it's a gentle breeze or a forceful blast you fancy, select from a range of speeds for your ideal cool-down.

Enhance Your Spritzing Experience

Improve Airflow With The Utilization Of The Water Spritzing Function

Stay cool and revitalized with our Coolify fan. It goes beyond just circulating air by providing a built-in water spritzing feature. Experience the perfect combination of refreshing breeze and fine mist of water. Whether it's scorching summer days or creating a spa-like atmosphere, this fan is your ideal companion.

Powerful and Stable: Experience the Thrill of our High-Speed Motor!

Explore the Speed of Our High-Performance Motor

Experience the exceptional power of our original digital brushless motor, effortlessly delivering a swift breeze that endures, while minimizing friction and noise. Revel in its elegance and enjoy its prolonged lifespan. Uncover the extraordinary capabilities of our original digital brushless motor, effortlessly providing a consistent and noise-free airflow. Immerse yourself in its sophisticated aesthetics and long-lasting performance.

Whisper-Quiet Operation

Silent, Yet Powerful Execution

Experience peaceful tranquility with whisper-quiet operation (40-50db), allowing you to focus, relax, or sleep without any distracting noise. Plus, with its energy-efficient design, this fan consumes minimal power while delivering maximum comfort, making it an environmentally conscious choice for cooling your space.

Ambient Lighting

Radiant Illumination

Immerse yourself in a captivating atmosphere with seven vibrant LED colors, offering the flexibility to choose your preferred hue or enjoy dynamic color transitions for a visually stunning experience. Plus, with the option to use the LED lights as a soothing night light, you can unwind in tranquility without any disruptions.

What Makes Coolify Stand Out?

Elevate your cooling experience with the Coolify 6-Inch USB Table Fan. Embrace a perfect blend of style and functionality. Whether it's sizzling summer days, crammed workspaces, or cozy evenings, indulge in a refreshing burst of coolness. Simply adjust the fan speed to your liking and bask in its elegant design.

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What is the Coolify 6-Inch USB Table Fan?

The Coolify 6-Inch USB Table Fan is a compact and portable fan designed to provide refreshing airflow and cooling comfort wherever you need it. With its sleek design and versatile features, it's the perfect addition to any desk, table, or workspace.

How does the Coolify 6-Inch USB Table Fan work?

The Coolify 6-Inch USB Table Fan operates by connecting it to any USB power source, such as a computer, power bank, or USB adapter. Once plugged in, simply turn on the fan using the adjustable speed control dial to enjoy a cool breeze at your desired intensity.

Can I use the Coolify Table Fan without the water spritzing feature?

Yes, the Coolify Table Fan can be used with or without the water spritzing feature. Simply fill the water tank located at the back of the fan with cold water for an extra refreshing mist, or use the fan without water for standard cooling airflow.

Is the Coolify Table Fan suitable for use in different environments?

Yes, the Coolify Table Fan is versatile and can be used in various environments, including offices, homes, dorm rooms, and outdoor settings. Its compact size and USB power compatibility make it convenient for use wherever you need a cool breeze.

How do I clean and maintain the Coolify Table Fan?

Cleaning and maintaining the Coolify Table Fan is easy. Simply unplug the fan and use a soft, damp cloth to wipe the fan blades and exterior surfaces. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, as they may damage the fan. Regular cleaning helps to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Can I adjust the angle of the Coolify Table Fan?

Yes, the Coolify Table Fan features an adjustable fan head that can be tilted up or down to direct airflow precisely where you need it. This flexibility allows you to customize your cooling experience for maximum comfort.

Is the Coolify Table Fan energy-efficient?

Yes, the Coolify Table Fan is designed to be energy-efficient, consuming minimal power compared to traditional electric fans. Its USB power compatibility also allows you to use it with energy-saving devices such as laptops or power banks, reducing overall energy consumption.