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PristineAir™ Ashtray: Breathe Fresh, Say Goodbye to Smoke Odors

PristineAir™ Ashtray: Breathe Fresh, Say Goodbye to Smoke Odors

Sayonara to smoky scents! Our sleek ashtray doesn't just catch ashes; it sends smoke smells packing, leaving your space as fresh as a daisy.

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Natural Aspiration with 360° Wide-Angle Exhaust

Efficiently Draw In & Purify Smoke For A Refreshed Space

Embrace efficient air purification with natural aspiration. The ashtray boasts a large suction power and a 360° wide-angle exhaust system, ensuring that smoke is effectively drawn in and purified, leaving your space refreshed. Experience superior air purification with the advanced suction power and wide-angle exhaust system.

Air Purification Function with Flame-Retardant Material

Purifies Air Efficiently For A Clean Environment

The PristineAir ashtray goes beyond the conventional with an integrated air purification function. Crafted from hard flame-retardant material and available in three colors, it not only collects ashes but actively purifies the air for a pristine atmosphere.

Replaceable Negative Ion Filter Cotton

Purifies Air By Absorbing Tar & Releasing Negative Ions

Care for your well-being with the built-in replaceable negative ion filter cotton. This innovative feature absorbs tar, releases negative ions, and exhausts purified air from the bottom side—effectively filtering harmful substances and reducing second-hand smoke.

Subdued Sound & Auto-off Functionality

Features Timer Auto-Off

Enjoy a serene environment with low noise levels. The ashtray features a timer shutdown function, automatically turning off after 5.2 minutes of operation, ensuring efficient use of power without unnecessary waste.

Streamlined Layout for Effortless Maintenance

Ensuring Cleanliness & Convenience

Simplify maintenance with the PristineAir's separate design. The entire ashtray can be easily removed and washed at any time, ensuring cleanliness and convenience. Optimize your cleaning routine with PristineAir's innovative separate design, allowing for effortless removal and washing of the entire ashtray whenever needed, promoting cleanliness and convenience.


What is the PristineAir™ Ashtray?

The PristineAir™ Ashtray is a revolutionary ashtray designed to eliminate smoke odors and purify the air, providing a fresh and clean environment for smokers and non-smokers alike.

How does the PristineAir™ Ashtray work?

The PristineAir™ Ashtray utilizes advanced filtration technology to capture and neutralize smoke particles and odors, effectively removing them from the air. It features a multi-stage filtration system that ensures the air remains fresh and free of unpleasant odors.

What makes the PristineAir™ Ashtray different from traditional ashtrays?

Unlike traditional ashtrays that simply hold cigarette butts and ash, the PristineAir™ Ashtray actively works to purify the air, creating a healthier and more pleasant smoking environment. It's perfect for use indoors or outdoors, at home or in public spaces.

How often do I need to replace the filters in the PristineAir™ Ashtray?

The frequency of filter replacement depends on factors such as usage and environmental conditions. As a general guideline, we recommend replacing the filters every few months to ensure optimal performance and air purification.

Is the PristineAir™ Ashtray effective at eliminating smoke odors?

Absolutely! The PristineAir™ Ashtray is highly effective at neutralizing smoke odors, thanks to its powerful filtration system. Whether you're smoking indoors or outdoors, you can enjoy a fresh and clean environment without worrying about lingering odors.

Is the PristineAir™ Ashtray easy to clean and maintain?

Yes, indeed! The PristineAir™ Ashtray is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. Simply remove the filters and rinse them with water, then allow them to dry before reinserting them into the ashtray. It's that simple!