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SippyStroll 3-in-1™: Stroller Water Cup Holder with Phone Mount

SippyStroll 3-in-1™: Stroller Water Cup Holder with Phone Mount

Stay refreshed and linked on the go with our SippyStroll 3-in-1™ - a stroller cup holder that doubles as a phone mount! Stay hydrated and connected while cruising with your little one!

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Enhanced Convenience

Quick AccessTo Must-Haves

Transform your stroller with this multifunctional cup holder featuring a built-in mobile phone holder. With easy access to your essentials, enjoy a hands-free stroll while keeping your beverage and phone close at hand.

Enhanced Stability

Durable Build

Experience peace of mind with our sturdy construction, ensuring your drinks and mobile phone remain secure and stable even during bumpy rides. Say goodbye to spills and unexpected falls.

Versatile & Adjustable Design

Compatible With A Variety of Stroller Styles & Sizes

The SippyStroll 3-in-1™ is designed to accommodate a wide range of stroller styles and sizes, with its adjustable clamp ensuring a secure and stable fit. Whether you have a lightweight umbrella stroller for quick errands or a rugged jogging stroller for outdoor adventures, this versatile accessory is compatible with most stroller models, providing flexibility and convenience for every parent's needs.

Scope of Application

Wide Applicability

Versatility meets functionality as our cup holder seamlessly attaches to various vehicles, including bikes, wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, and, of course, strollers. Enjoy its wide-ranging applicability, accommodating different cup sizes securely.

SippyStroll 3-in-1™: Ultimate Stroller Companion for Busy Parents

Parenthood is a journey filled with precious moments and joyful adventures, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges, especially for modern, busy, and active parents on the go. That's where the SippyStroll 3-in-1™ steps in, revolutionizing the way parents navigate daily activities with their little ones in tow.

  • Stay Hydrated On-the-Go

    Stay hydrated during busy outings with the SippyStroll 3-in-1™. Keep your favorite drink nearby for a refreshing boost throughout the day.

  • Convenience at Your Fingertips

    Stay organized while on the go with the SippyStroll 3-in-1™, combining a water cup holder and phone mount for convenience.

  • Hands-Free Phone Accessibility

    Stay connected with the SippyStroll 3-in-1™ phone mount, keeping your smartphone secure for hands-free use while monitoring your child.

  • SippyStroll 3-in-1™: Your Ultimate Stroller Companion

    The SippyStroll 3-in-1™ offers unmatched convenience, versatility, and peace of mind for modern parents on-the-go.

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How does the SippyStroll 3-in-1™ work?

The SippyStroll 3-in-1™ features a secure cup holder attachment and an adjustable phone mount that easily attaches to most stroller handles. Simply attach the cup holder to the stroller frame and adjust the phone mount to securely hold your phone in place, providing hands-free convenience while strolling.

What makes the SippyStroll 3-in-1™ different from other stroller cup holders?

Unlike traditional stroller cup holders that only accommodate beverages, the SippyStroll 3-in-1™ offers added functionality with its integrated phone mount. This allows you to multitask and stay connected while enjoying outdoor walks or outings with your child.

Is the SippyStroll 3-in-1™ compatible with all types of strollers?

Yes, the SippyStroll 3-in-1™ is designed to be compatible with most stroller models, including single and double strollers. Its adjustable attachment mechanism and flexible phone mount make it versatile and easy to install on a wide range of stroller handles.

Can the SippyStroll 3-in-1™ hold different sizes of water cups and bottles?

Absolutely! The SippyStroll 3-in-1™ features a spacious cup holder that can accommodate various sizes of water cups, bottles, and even sippy cups for your child. Its sturdy construction ensures a secure grip, keeping your beverage safe and accessible during your strolls.

Is the SippyStroll 3-in-1™ easy to install and remove?

Yes, installation and removal of the SippyStroll 3-in-1™ are quick and hassle-free. Its universal attachment mechanism allows for easy installation on stroller handles, and its lightweight design makes it convenient to remove when not in use.